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  • Places

    * [[Nent]] - Military stronghold of [[:duke-harcourt]]. ** [[Arness]] - The starting city, home of the Harkshire Family. ** [[Cranford]] - A small hamlet, currently the hideout for [[:ashaurok]]. * [[Mensington]] - City of mages, ruled by [[:baron- …

  • Nent

    Nent is ruled by *Duke Harcourt* Currently the party is considered outlaws in Nent, as they recently broke into the castle dungeons to rescue Ashaurok, who was being tortured there.

  • Mensington

    Mensington is ruled by [[:baron-edwards | Baron Edwards]] Everyone in Mensington is required to identify themselves as either an _Arcanist_ (able to cast arcane spells) or a _Mundane_. Arcanists wear silver (or sometimes platinum) chains with a large …

  • Arness

    Arness is a small city on the eastern edge of Kensing. It used to be ruled by [[:alron-tarris]] until he was killed by [[:derrik-harkshire]]. After that, House Harkshire was stripped of their land and title and were declared as traitors.

  • Venar

    Venar is located in the northwest of Kensing. It is the home of [[:baron-oglethorpe]]. Venar is set on top of two neighboring plateaus. The Common Quarter is where the commoners live, while High City is where the aristocracy resides. The two are …

  • Kensor

    *Kensor* is the capital of Kensing. It is currently overrun with refugees fleeing the civil war, and is protected by the regent, as well as the [[Red Lions]].

  • Cranford

    Cranford is a small hamlet where [[:ashaurok]] is hiding out after fleeing [[Nent]].

  • Belvoran

    A small town in Maldavia. Finn helped them to rebuild their walls after they were destroyed by giants. Their resident defender is a ranger named [[:awcer | Awcer]].