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  • Alron Tarris

    He is (was) the governor of the city of Arness, but was hanged in the city square (supposedly) by Derrik Harkshire. After that, the Harkshire family was stipped of their land and title and declared outlaws in Nent. p{padding-top:100px;}. Now the …

  • Derrik Harkshire

    Derrik is [[:smoth | Smoth]]'s father. About a year ago, he received a letter in the dead of night. Immediately, he left the family estate, giving no word of his destination. A while later, Smoth left, looking for his father. Since then, he has been …

  • Cedrik Harkshire

    Older brother of [[:smoth | Smoth]]. Cedrik died many years ago, and the hopes of the Harkshire family went with him. On a related note, Smoth died several months ago and was reincarnated. By a cruel twist of fate, his new body looks nearly identical …

  • Etine Tarris

    Wife of Alron Tarris, she is the Countess of Arness. Now that he's dead, she rules.