An Unlikely Ally

How do we redeem a tainted soul?

The party stands there for a moment soaking in the information, Harcourt kicked out of the capital, the wizards having turned against him. With a quick discussion the group decides now is the time to act.

Findail casts feathers to turn them all into birds and with that they attempt to gain entry into the keep. Flying around the keep, Smoth leads them to the Countess’ window. The party flies into her quarters and the adventurers attempt to bring the Countess up to speed. A long conversation ensues until the party manages to convince the Countess of the evil Harcourt has committed. A hasty plan is hatched, and the Countess summons Hevil the current captain of the guard. The party plans on having Hevil alert the men still faithful to Arness. Hevil arrives, and while the details of the plan are being hatched, Harcourt is heard yelling below in the keep. Sounds of him being arrested reach the Countess’ chambers. It appears he has been betrayed yet again.

The party begins to buff, and the sounds of spells bring two of House Devroe’s lackeys into the chamber. The sounds of a quick bloody fight bring some of Hevil’s men just as the party dispatches the last of the house Devroe guards. Hevil commands the men to clear the way to the dungeons for the party to chase after Kyle Devroe and Duke Harcourt. A classic castle fight scene of fighting guards in the hallways escorts the party to their destination. The combination of the Town Guard and the guards Harcourt brought, overwhelm Devroe’s men, and the party bursts into the dungeons to find Devroe with an evil cleric and two wizards over a captured Harcourt. A surprised Devroe orders his men to kill the adventurers, and the fight begins. Shun charges in, and Findail lets loose a flamestrike, but the battle is truly turned when Smoth charges in and lets loose a javelin dripping with poison right into Devroe. Devroe’s eyes bulge and the black poison is seen traveling rapidly through his veins as he succumbs to the toxin. Severly weakened he falls in battle with one of the wizards as another flamestrike goes off. However,one of the wizards pulls out a scroll of teleport and manages to teleport Devroe’s corpse and the evil cleric away.

Standing in the dungeon Harcourt bravely faces death, but Smoth offers Harcourt his life in exchange for helping redeem his father, Harkshire’s soul. Harcourt wonders if it can even be done, but agrees. He and Smoth shake hands, the sound of fighting still raging overhead.


Defeated Kyle Deveraux and cronies – CR 10

10 3000
11 2200
12 1800

Captured Harcourt and forced him to surrender – Story Award – 500xp each

Totals / person

10 1250
11 1050
12 950


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