Ancient History Pt. 3 July-Dec 2004

Several disasters

They also investigated a demi-plane, a portal to which had been created in the church of Boccob again, I wasn’t here for this…anybody remember this?

Not really sure about the details of this – Finn was on some solo mission or something, when he got the note from Crag

Also we did the thing about infiltrating the thieves guild, I REALLY don’t remember that much

The group had by now performed several helpful deeds for the temple of Boccob, and were regulars in their library. The head of the library, Father Johannsen, considered them close enough allies to ask for their help with a sensitive task. He needed them to do some spying on a low-level librarian who he thought was a spy ? was it a spy? for who? However, the whole secrecy aspect was flubbed, and they ended up fighting in the corridors of the library, as well as exposing Johannsen as the one who asked them to do it. Famish in particular was responsible for a lot of the problems, and he apologized profusely before sulking for the rest of the day in his room. At this point, everyone decided it was probably a good time to leave Mensington.

Who is Ormun? I see the name in some emails, but I have no idea who that is – apparently we wanted to teleport him to the underwater temple? or something?

The group left Mensington and headed north to a small logging community called Crenshaw. While wandering about in the woods, they discovered that the loggers were being attacked from something in the woods. While investigating, Smoth encountered a Unicorn, which asked for his help in getting the loggers to stop cutting down so many trees. He was willing to help, and tried to come to a peaceful agreement with the loggers. However, due to some kind of misunderstanding, Shin attacked the Unicorn without realizing it, of course earning its undying enmity.

Moving on to the next town, there was some kind of poisoning or something. Fixing it entailed traveling into some kind of small dungeon, first through a sort of sluice showing dwarven carvings on the inside, with a very dangerous pit at the bottom of it, and then a few rooms past it. However, after that was a gigantic spiral staircase, which went down several hundred floors, and eventually into a giant cavern. The party fought their way past several drow to get down there. what we did down here I don’t really remember, other than that we found that coin with the skeletal hand which seemed to be causing the poisoning…and we could scry on it to see another coin in a giant pile of treasure.

They then traveled on to Wessen, this being the place that Smoth had heard his father had some kind of bad experience in before he was born. There they found some kind of haunted castle. They met with a cleric of Pelor(?), a dwarf named Daganar Brownstone. They also discovered that a lot of soldiers were staying in town, and garrisoning themselves in the local temple of Farlanghen(spelling, pfah). Roland was very upset about this as it offended his sense of good soldiering and decency, and Famish was very upset about this as he felt a great kinship with Farlanghn even if he was not a devout worshipper. They both set about in various ways to expel them. However, before fully dealing with them, they were attacked by shadows, seemingly from the haunted castle, and the ‘Shadowmaster’ who seemed to live within.

What happened in the castle – still need to find detailed account – it involves Smoth and maybe more people having their bodies taken over, Smoth’s father killing some people, and Smoth now wants to find the head of the long dead Count Arcanor, and return it so he can have his eternal rest.

After returning from the Castle, Roland made good on his word to get rid of the soldiers from the temple and people’s houses. Though it actually ended up being Fin to faced him in single combat (I think? the emails seem to imply it), due to Liam’s insults. (Liam being the captain of the soldiers there.) A new barracks was built for the soldiers, and all was well.

However, it seemed that the group got too complacent in their victories, for as soon as they set out from the town, they were attacked in the night by a pack of dire wolves, and Solist and Shin were slain after they were overwhelmed. They managed to beat them back before any more deaths. Famish had a single teleport scroll he kept in reserve, and he used it to teleport some of them to Nent in order to allow them to get reincarnated. Fin could cast the spell, but did not have all the necessary oils and potions on hand. The spell worked successfully, though Solist was brought back as a half-orc and Shin as a dwarf, which neither of them appreciated. However, this left Solist, Fin, Famish, and Shin in Nent, while Smoth and Roland were still over 100 miles away near Rockham. (Along with James, roland’s follower, and Thon, Fin’s gorilla animal companion).

While traveling, the sub-group discovered that Duke Harcourt and Baron Edwards had apparently started open warfare, they had to ease their travels farther east and ford a river with the stupid wagon that smoth always brought along in order to avoid fighting.

They arrived in Nent, I think. Who knows.


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