Ancient History Pt. 4 Jan-June 2005

Smoth turns emo. Other stuff too, but who cares.

Starting status:

Party Members: Smoth, Famish, Fin, Roland, Shin, Solist.

copied directly from an email: The party found a small log cabin that had some hill giants hanging around it. On investigation, they found a young ranger waiting in the woods nearby observing the giants. He asked them to help him find his mentor, a druid, who was dragged away by some more giants. They recaptured the log cabin, found out where the other giants were heading, then cut them off at the pass. It was a pretty well executed ambush and they handily slaughtered the giants, while only heavily scorching their captive.

So, the druid has offered a small reward (which was not detailed last time, but I think Finn will be very interested) and noted that the giants in the Slaghorn Mts. (nearby to the east) have become much more troublesome lately.

The group headed back to Arness in order to find out the truth in the rumors of Smoth’s family being stripped of their titles due to his father’s being named as a criminal. They were in fact completely true. When they arrived, Smoth found that his family estate lay in ruins after a mob had destroyed it, and his mother was basically being held in the nearby temple of heironeous for her own protection. They quietly left the town, Smoth not wanting to bear seeing his destroyed home, and not knowing how to face his mother.

From there they headed north to Kensor. There are a lot of refugees trying to gain entrance to the city, which results in long lines as they are all approved by the gate guards. While standing in line, someone in the party is asked to smuggle in a small white pearl looking item, which is extremely cold to the touch. Ever the entrepreneurs, they agreed to for a fee.

Apparently Roland got killed at some point around here? Also we went here to meet someone at the request of Dagenar Brownstone, don’t know who?

Inside the city they decided not to hand over the white pearl thing, and instead fought and defeated the smuggler they were supposed to deliver it to, and instead turned him in for the bounty. They also encountered an extremely annoying bard named Tamradin. He seemed to want to become some sort of Agent for the group, bringing fights to them or something.

Also while there, Roland took on a new cohort Galen, and helped him finish his trials in the temple of St. Cuthbert. Various other regular stuff happened there.

They then headed northward to Vennar, in order to try to find Krag, who had sent them a message (I believe he sent us a message…or we found out from those assassins). Along the way, as they headed into Baron Oglethorpe’s territory, they discovered that the Baron was using brigades of monsters as a form of army, along with other more traditional mercenaries. The monsters were harassing the populace and treating them about as well as an invading army does, so the party was attacking them and taking them out when they could. They made plans to attack one manor house along the way which seemed to house a decent amount of trolls, which seemed to be some of the commanders. However, after putting their plan into motion, they realized they were outnumbered and overpowered, especially with the several medusa which were living in the house. The entire party was eventually turned to stone.


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