Ascent to Greenmount

Genocide vs Giants

- The group looted the giants bodies they killed, finding a spiffy pearl necklace. They also found a note written by Ilkaris the giant cleric, telling them to maintain their harassment of the humans.

- They go back to tell the goblins the giants have been eliminated, and that they are traveling to eliminate Ilkaris. Kreecheck tells them what he knows about Ilkaris, that he is staying someplace called Greenmount, an old human fort which was abandoned, and which the giants have taken over.

- They spend a little more time in Beldoran identifying drow items and crafting some wands, before setting off for Istavin again.

- They stop in to see Algorthas the sage’s house again, to see if there was any change since last time, when his house was ransacked. They were surprised to see that the house was fine. A servant answered the door, and brought them in to see the sage. He seemed very spaced out though, and did not seem like his old self. He did not remember much, and seemed not to really remember them or why they were there. Keldon noticed something was very amiss and mentioned it to Smoth, who took it upon himself to distract the sage and cast a dispel magic spell on him. This seemed to break whatever enchantment was on him, and he seemed to wake up. He did not realize that any time had passed since the last time the party had talked to him, roughly two months ago.

- They tell him what happened, what they know at least, and he gets very agitated, and insists he has to leave right now, in case whoever did this to him has been keeping watch and knows that he is awake. They help him pack what they can, as he is too upset to listen to any other course of action. They also quiz his servant, who he apparently hired while he was under. They decided that the kid did not know anything about the condition he was in, so they let him leave while they got ready to go.

- They take him to a small village on the way to greenmount, and he says he will stay there in hiding, and they explain to him everything that’s happened in the last 2 months, including the discovery of Duke Killingsworth, his ailment, their attempt at healing him, hunting Ilkaris, etc. He says that he will stay there in seclusion until they manage to do something about Ilkaris, so he can be reasonably sure the threat to him is gone. He also finds them a reference to the fist symbol they found on the giant letter, as well as the name which was written in the cells where they found killingsworth. It was the symbol for a demon (whose name escapes me right now, look it up) and the cult that worshipped him. There had to be some kind of connection between the demon and Ilkaris. He answered any questions he could of theirs about Greenmount and the demon, and also warned them about a white dragon flying around the area. Apparently though the keep was fairly small, there was a rather large contingent of giants camping around the area, probably numbering in the hundreds. Once they were ready, the group set off to try to put a stop to the madness.

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