At their house....on our terms

It’s a beautiful bright day and Fin has just summoned an Ape to smash through a door. The Ape smashes the door but it triggers a defense mechanism that emits a blue gas. The Ape recoils and flails his arms about. Alarms sound and two giant umber-hulks appear. Finn casts a flame-strike and positions it between the two Umber-hulks. Screams are heard as a golden light foreshadows flames that rip around the umber-hulks that leave them tattered. One of them charges at Keldon and the other attacks Fin, both fail at connecting any blows. Shun swiftly slices through the umber-hulk that came at Keldon. Spell-casting is heard and it becomes apparent that dimension is being used. Harcourt then attacks the same Umberhulk with his bastard sword. Fin just swings at the umberhulk with his paws. The first swing rips off the beast’s arm while the next swing disembowels him, for an instant kill. Smoth precisely fires at an umberhulk with his bow and arrow and which causes the creature to vent at Shun. Keldon slams his maze into the Umberhulk and confuses it. Shun steps in and finishes him off. The alarm continues to clang.

The Ape leads the party through the hole. Smoth searches for traps as they descend down a spiral stair-case that leads to a familiar, opened, steel door. Finn recalls how the hallway used to be and warns the party. Smoth is able to decipher that the extended hallway is an allusion and finds a trap. Keldon reaches into his bag of tricks and pulls out a Wolverine. The Wolverine enters the trap, and is immediately blown away from the staircase…falling into oblivion. Smoth spell-crafts on a metallic door and realizes that it’s made of adamantium. They go through the tower and enter a shed full of tools. Smoth rests and memorizes some spells. The party props themselves against the door and rest, but Fin hears something soon after. Smoth casts invisibility on himself as the door swings open. Harcourt draws his bastard sword. A Mantecor is revealed and whips it’s tail shooting a number of spikes the party. Harcourt feels a spike but no one else does, while Shun charges and slashes. Fin tells everyone to move back, as Smoth shoots a magic missile at the beast. The Mantecor turns and jumps off the spiral staircase in the darkness. Finn places halleberry bombs by the door as Harcourt and Smoth keep watch. The party slowly descends down…Smoth then finds yet another trap and more glyphys. Keldon pulls a bear out of his bag of tricks and has him walk into the trap. Smoth searches again and notices that the glyph is gone. As the party continues down, suspended off a cavern ceiling is a figure about to fire an arrow. He fires it at the bear, which bull-rushes it of the stair-case. Finn jumps off the stair case and turns into dyer eagle form. Finn instructs the party to get on the opposite side of the pillar. Smoth casts fly and follows after Finn. The dark figure with the powerful bow and arrow fires off two arrows that miss Smoth and hit the tower. Smoth tosses off a scorching ray at the dark archer. Keldon, Shun, and Harcourt look onwards and the sky is illuminated by combat. Flamestrike is sent out by Keldon which creates a visible halo around the Archer. Shun shoots an arrow wide as the archer drops to the floor of the cavern. Finn flies down as the figure drops and the archer fires arrows on his way down. Smoth fires an arrow at his shoulder sending the archer spiraling out of control. Finn slashes at the figure as they both fly down at astronomical speeds and grabs the archer. Finn ascends back up with the archer, flying higher and higher to the top. Finn crushes the archer to death with his talons. Smoth test the archers bow to get a sense of it’s power. The party continues down the stairs at a faster pace. Shun uses Smoth’s cloak to jump down, while Finn carries Keldon and Harcourt down in his talons. A fireball is detonated; Keldon and Harcourt are injured. Finn flies them to a more obscure safe place, as Harcourt drinks a cure moderate potion. A Mantecor, mage, woman, and two drow are ready to destroy. The Mantecor flies around and penetrates Keldon’s armor. Shun comes emerges from the darkness into the view of the enemy but they fail to shoot him down. The woman screams at Shun. Smoth pops a scroll, touches the pillar, and illuminates everything around them, blinding the drow. Finn fairy fires on a drow casting expeditious retreat. Harcourt fires an arrow at the mantecor and hits. Keldon has flame engulf the mantecor, singing it’s wings. The woman(blinded) gets closer to Shun which gives the opportunity to hammer her with his halberd. Smoth fires another arrow at the Mantecor slamming him back. The mage tries to cast on Finn but Finn is not impressed and unleashes a full attack on the mage, followed by a grapple. The mantecor is annoyed by Harcourt and attacks him. One of the drow charges at Shun. Keldon confuses the Mantecor with his maze. The woman tries reach out to Shun to kill him, but she fails. Shuns attempts to retaliate but fails also. Finn crushes the mage to death and intimidates the oncoming drow. Harcourt pounds into the Mantecor with his bastard sword. Drows and the Umber-hulk surround Shun but fail to hit him. The woman tries to touch Shun once again, but she fails and he slashes at her once again. Finn rushes the drow witch and leaves her on the floor bleeding. Harcourt drinks another cure serious potion. Shun comes out unscathed against a flurry of attacks from the drow and also staves of the dangerous glances of the uber-hulk. Keldon finishes of the mantecor with searing light. Smoth moves to flank the umber-hulk and initiates a shock-and-grasp then sends lightening up the beast. The crew emerges victorious.


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