Killed in Silence

Nothing like death on the cusp of dawn...

The group flies into the city and decides to meet with Corwin’s contact. When they meet with him they tell him about their plans to enter into the castle. It is going to be enacted mostly by Smoth who will continuously set off the alarm and turn invisible. Smoth tell’s Leutenant Hevel to notify the Countess as to why the alarm is going off sporadically, and have her let the guards know that it’s a common occurance.

Smoth moves down the river by the castle and turns invisible immediately after sounding the alarm. A hectic rush begins as soldiers rush to the scen to see what’s going on. Smoth hears loud demands to hear the alarm turned off, especially after the second time he sets it off. The third time the alert is sounded is when Smoth hears two men say that they are heading to the inn for some sleep. Three men leave with two women and they all head off to the local inn.

Smoth re-groups with the rest of the clan and tells them about the men and women who decided to leave for the inn. The party opts for a confrontation at the inn and have Smoth open the inn entrance door from the inside, via teleportation.As Smoth keeps watch from the building across the inn, Shun,Finn, and Keldon sneak up the stairs. While Smoth keeps watch, he hears giggling from a specific room in the inn, and lets the rest of the gang know what’s going on and the general area it came from.

Casting silence on a small stone, Smoth uses his new cloak to teleport into a room where he finds two people in flagrante. As Smoth pulls out a torch, the man turns into a werewolf, shocking the women he’d been pleasuring only moments ago. The women faints and Shun bursts in and slices at the werewolf with his halberd. Finn immediately follows by attacks with his claws. Smoth successfully drags the women who fainted out of the room, as Shun attacks again with his halberd, Finn slashes and bites, and Keldon slams the werewolf with his enchanted mace. Smoth then dives through the shutters and teleports(in mid-air) on to the roof of the building across the inn. Shun finally finishes off the werewolf and Smoth teleports back into the room. They all silently put the dead body into the bag of holding and cast prestidigination. They put the the woman in her bed and leave money on the night stand. In the next room, a lone man quietly which gives Finn the perfect oppurtunity to perfectly coup de grace him with a poisoned javelin.

They then move to the next room where Smoth executes a successful coup de grace on the man sleeping next to his woman. The woman awakens as she see the poison from the javelin envelop him, and goes nuts, but Smoth saps her into unconsciousness.

The bodies are taken from the inn and identified by Hevel, and the group decides to teleport the lady consorts somewhere far away…

As dawn awakens and seeps into the afternoon, an uneasy bustling begins. People whisper and congregate around the castle. Heading to the city gates, the party finds none other than Duke Harcourt himself riding into town. He appears battled, bloodied, and bruised, as do his men. He meets with a representative of Devereaux and demands that all branded wizards be killed. At that, he rides into the castle.


Killed 3 werewolves – CR 10
9 4050
10 3000
11 2200

Didn’t kill any of the ladies – story award – 500xp

9 4550
10 3500
11 2700
9 1137
10 875
11 675

Excellent plan for setting off alarm – story award (Smoth) – 750xp


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