Shopping and Racist Gnomes

Keldon awaken his senses to realize more potential that was previously un-tapped, after spending time meditating and praying to Lirr. He then casts slay living into his ring, which seeps into his ring in the form of a black cloud. Smoth then slips the ring on his finger.

Ashaurok takes the clan shopping for various items via teleportation. They teleport into a cold, walled city that is much more metropolitan than the ones they had recently visited. Ashaurok takes the group to a gnome alchemy shop where they sell their items with ease. Finn then has his gloves embroidered with the outlines of various animals that inhabit nature. Smoth has a wolf-head embroidered on his gloves. While the gnome is willing to provide the gloves, he says that he will need poison from a Naga. Knowing full well that Nagas tend to live in evil underground places, they decide to seek out some sea caves.

The group is approached by a collector named Taro; he pulls out a human skull and begins to stroke it. He talks gently and about glaves and swords, and elements that can help increase the value of certain items. A transaction isn’t made immediately but the potential for one is certainly there.

As Smoth goes searching for some cool daggers, Finn takes to the skies and begins to scry. He sees a temperate jungle/rainforest and feels quite homesick and the very sight of the imagery. He knows that he must reconnect; he knows where he must go.

Keldon and Shun are unable to find the library that Keldon is searching for, but Fin returns and asks Ashourak to help the group seek out a racist gnome group called “The Illuminated Chromoly” so that they can seek out information on Nagas.

Finn and Smoth approach two gnomes; one introduces himself as Nandy and continues his conversation regarding spells and magic with his fellow gnome. Smoth finds one of the gnome’s assumptions regarding fireball colors are dead wrong, but remains silent.

Two drab looking humans stand up straighter as Nandy and his gnome friend come closer. Finn tests the reflexes of the guards, and wink to show them his approval. The Illuminated Chromally require gold and offer up the information that the group is seeking. The gnomes speak of the sea caves that are two days north of the city, as the group leaves for the sea caves, Smoth vents to Finn about how incorrect and stupid the gnomes they were walking with are.

Finn casts feather on the group and they end up at the sea caves in a about a day. They find that the tide is to high and would require them to swim, not enthusiastic about this notion, Finn flies into the grotto and scopes things out. A Naga suddenly shoots out of the water as Finn attempts to cast daylight. The Naga begins casting and four magic missiles streak out, but ripple away thanks to Finn’s ring of shielding. Enraged by this, Finn retaliates with a flame streak and the Naga retreats into the the water. Meanwhile, Smoth dismisses his bird form and dives into the water, while Shun and Keldon continue to stay in bird form. Smoth then casts invisibility, as Finn illuminates the grotto with his daylight spell. Smoth then casts shrink person, while Shun continues to hover in the air, Keldon switches out of bird form and falls into the water.

“You want some poison? I’ll give it to you!!!”

The Naga screamed, allowing Finn to target it with a full attack, and each of Finn’s tentackles packed a wallop. The Naga was able to charm Keldon just before going invisible. This resulted in Keldon casting bear’s endurance on the Naga. However, this made no difference, because Finn destroyed the Naga with a multiple tentacle attack followed by a a vicious bite. Thus, killing the Naga, and freeing Keldon from being charmed.


Good roleplaying w/ the Illuminated Chromoly – story 300xp each

Defeated a Naga – CR 7
8 1600xp
9 1350xp
10 1000xp
Total / person
8 700xp
9 637xp
10 550xp


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