A mongrelfolk cleric, devoted to St. Cuthbert


There were three families of mongerolfolk who lived off the coast of Poltix. The heads of these families were old friends who first met at a temple devoted to the worship of Meriader. The three friends were called Alaistair, Andromarus, and Sunsar. They would discuss philosophy, religion, and the “eternal now” concept. They were all friends with a human man named Winchester, who was also a follower of Meriader, but when Winchester’s wife, Elizabeth, was viciously raped and murdered, the relationship changed forever. After her death, the three friends tried to help Winchester make peace with what had happened to her, they did this by reciting Meriader’s teachings about acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion. Winchester scoffed at them, broke away from the friend circle, and went searching for his wife’s killer.

Alaistair, Andromarus, and Sunsar also began to question Meriader’s teachings and wondered if they were still applicable in such a hostile existence. Nevertheless, their devotion countered their skepticism and they found happiness again when they all later married and had children. Alaistair married Bedelia and had one daughter (Cayala). Sunsar married Aurora and had two sons ( Shun and Julekar). Finally, Andromarus married a beautiful human woman called Diana (they had not had any children yet).

As time wore on, the families became very close-knit and would spend time with one another, very frequently. Their life in Poltix was quite suitable, except for the mounting discrimination and harassment they were receiving for being mongerolfolk. However, when an unknown group desecrated Meriarder’s temple simply because Mongerolfolk were worshipping there, it became apparent that it was no longer safe for them to live there.

Sunsar suggested that the families leave for an island off the coast of Poltix that had decent vegetation, fresh spring water, and numerous caves for shelter. The three families agreed and they moved to the island. After 6 months and with the help of Diana (who went back and forth from Poltix, occasionally, to collect certain items) they successfully built a mongerol-folk haven there. Their commune followed the pacifist teachings of Meriarder and a utopian-idyllic society was realized. About five more mongerol-folk families joined them and for a period of time everything was as perfect as could be imagined.

Even though the island was quite peaceful, Sunsar urged Alaistair and Andromarus to take certain steps that would ensure the protection of the community, from outsiders. Perhaps selling some of their food in markets and using the money to purchase weapons, was one his suggestions. From Sunsar’s perspective, should the commune be attacked, their only choice would be to simply escape using the boats that they had reached the island with. Alaistair and Andromarus argued that they were pacifists and pacifists didn’t need weapons. They believed that Meriader would protect them and also thought there island was tucked away enough to be hidden from view and safe. Sunsar stormed off in a rage and accused Alaistair and Andromarus of being naïve and stupid.

The following evening a ship full of drunken soldiers were sailing off the coast of Poltix. They noticed a beautiful woman (Diana) bathing in the crystal blue water. The soldiers spied on her, until she noticed them. Horrified, Diana swam back to the island, but the soldiers followed after her. As their ship reached the shore, Diana ran screaming to her husband, Andromarcus. As one of the soldiers grabbed her and pinned her to the ground, Andromarcus ran towards her, immediately, Sunsar and Allistair followed after. Andromarcus demanded for the soldier to let go of his wife; the soldier laughed and said that no beautiful woman would marry a creature like him. Andromarcus leapt at the soldier, but was swiftly stabbed in the chest. As Sunsar saw this savage act he pulled out a dagger and sprinted towards the soldier. Sunsar pulled a spin maneuver before slitting the soldier’s throat. The other soldiers looked enraged at this and it was apparent that Sunsar had killed their superior. As Diana was frozen in shock, Sunsar picked her up and raced back to the village. He screamed (in elvish) for Allistair to get everyone off the island, as Allistar ran in a different direction. While the two soldiers chased after Allistair, four of them followed Sunsar. The soldiers slashed at any mongerol folk they could see as they chased after Sunsar. One of the soldiers yelled to the others to take the woman and slaughter the rest of the damned mongerols. Sunsar and Diana ran, as two soldiers followed after them, the other two soldiers were senselessly, killing any mongerol-folk that came within their sight. Sunsar yelled for everyone to run to the boats.

Allistair was able to out-run the two soldiers and get his wife and daughter, among two other mongerol-folk families on boats before departing. Diana was then grabbed by a soldier and taken back to the ship, as one of the other soldiers pushed Sunsar to the ground. Amidst the chaos, Shun, Julekar, and his mother evacuated the caves, Shun saw his father on the ground with a soldier pinning him down. Shun ordered his brother and his mother to leave as he ran to save his father from the soldier. Shun, picked up a rock and beat the soldier’s head in with it, from behind. Shun, however, was too late. Sunsar’s chest had been slash and he was coughing up blood. Sunsar looked at Shun and said “Winchester…find Winchester…go to Venar…he’ll guide…you” before falling dead in his arms. Shun screamed madly then began looking onwards at all the destruction the soldiers had caused. Dead bodies were strewn about all over the once perfect commune. Four of the six soldiers left the island with Diana, and Alistiar’s boats were left carrying two of the surviving mongerol folk families, his wife and daughter. Julekar also was able to escape with his mother and Shun eventually caught up to them by swimming up to their boat.

When the survivors of the commune reached land they were depressed, mad, and heart-broken. Shun told his mother and Allistar that his father wanted him to meet Winchester. Allistar said that Winchester had gone mad and would not let Shun go. Shun said he would leave anyway because Allistar was not his father and had no say in what he should do. Shun’s mother while distressed by the notion of Shun leaving, agreed that Shun should fulfill his father’s dying wish. The argument between Allistair and Aurora lead to the remaining mongerolfolk families moving in separate directions and once again finding residence in Poltix.

Shun went asking around for Winchester in Venar and was lead to a Church for St. Cuthbert followers. He met Winchester there who was now a cleric for St. Cuthbert. Shun explained who he was and what had happened to his father, Andromarcus, and the rest of the mongerfolk, before breaking down in tears. Winchester stood cold and told Shun to stand-up, instead of groveling like a coward. Winchester said that Shun was dishonoring their memories with his act of surrender. Shun stood up and wiped the tears off his face. Winchester asked Shun what he wanted. Shun responded, “I want you to guide me.” Winchester sternly replied, “Nope. That’s what you’re dad wanted…what do you want?”. Shun paused before saying, “I want to eradicate beings like those soldiers, I want to wipe them out…forever.” Winchester stared straight into Shun’s eyes and said, “Your Hidden God has revealed himself…he is St. Cuthbert.”

Winchester began teaching Shun about St. Cuthbert and gave him his halberd. He then told Shun to embark on journey that would allow for him to smite evil in Cuthbert’s name, before returning back to the church for further instruction.


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