Tag: Place


  • Nent

    Nent is ruled by Duke Harcourt

    Currently the party is considered outlaws in Nent, as they recently broke into the castle dungeons to rescue Ashaurok, who was being tortured there.

  • Mensington

    Mensington is ruled by Baron Edwards

    Everyone in Mensington is required to identify themselves as either an Arcanist (able to cast arcane spells) or a <

  • Arness

    Arness is a small city on the eastern edge of Kensing. It used to be ruled by Alron Tarris until he was killed by

  • Venar

    Venar is located in the northwest of Kensing. It is the home of Baron Oglethorpe.

    Venar is set on top of two neighboring plateaus. The Common Quarter is

  • Kensor

    Kensor is the capital of Kensing. It is currently overrun with refugees fleeing the civil war, and is protected by the regent, as well as the Red Lions.

  • Belvoran

    A small town in Maldavia. Finn helped them to rebuild their walls after they were destroyed by giants.

    Their resident defender is a ranger named Awcer.