Play Dates

Days to play


In the table below, put an ‘X’ in days that work best for you. Also, put a ’#’ in any day that absolutely will not work. In the end, we’ll try to find a day where everyone can make it and is also fairly popular.

If you have to knock out a day (with a # mark), make a note in the comments as to why.

Days to play

Day Votes
Sun X X(morning/afternoon before 7ish)
Mon X
Tues XX#
Wed X#
Thurs ##
Fri X X
Sat X X X


  • Micah
  • Regan
  • Andrew
  • Jordan


  • Micah: Tuesday works best (that’s Sarah’s trivia night), but as always, I’m fairly flexible. Weekends are still bad, but I can probably work something in if that’s the only time.
  • Andrew: I lead a raid Tue, Wed, and Thur nights, which is why I had to play on Mon last semester. I guess I could try to change our raid schedule, but that would involve getting over 25 people to rearrange their schedules. If Monday or a weekend schedule is possible, I would prefer it greatly.
  • Jordan: Weekends I can definitely play – weeknights and sunday night I will have to see, depending on when I can schedule rehearsals for, and when my other group can reschedule to.
  • * Regan: I won’t know for sure what my schedule will be like until Jan. 11 (the day I’m allowed to register for my class). My votes are assuming I can get the class I want, which is on Thursday. I’ll be able to make some Mondays. I might not have to miss many, so we can go with Monday for now.

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Play Dates

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